My First Review

Last night I made a recipe for brussel sprouts.  I found the recipe here:

Pros:  Easy, quick, good instructions, had the ingredients

Cons: Needed more seasonings, perhaps bacon would have been awesome

This was a very easy to make dish.  I followed Andres instructions completely.  I did think it took a couple of extra minutes to get that brown carmelization on the sprouts. IMG_1132 IMG_1133 IMG_1135 My husband and I both like brussels sprouts and we did both like this recipe.  My husband gave it two stars out of four, I gave it three.  He said it was nothing special, but OK.  I thought it was good, but not outstanding.  We both thought it needed more flavor.   Suggestions:  Stir fry in flavored olive oil, add more seasonings to the sprouts themselves or to the vinegar, add bacon crumbles (who doesn’t love bacon), add some cheese such as parmesan.

This was a low carb meal and I really missed the bread.  That is what I would like to make next:  Rolls.  Please send me a great roll recipe to make.  I have been dying to make some since I now have a kitchen-aid mixer with a dough hook.

Like my idea for a blog?  Please share and send me a recipe to try.


My First Recipe!

Today is the second day of my new blog.  I had four likes and no comments.  Since I did not get any recipes to try, I did what I didn’t want to do:  I went looking for a recipe to try.  I found one that sounded delicious and am going to try it tonight and put pictures and my reviews here tomorrow.

Because I would like to not gain weight this month, I decided low carb would be the way to go.  I found a new recipe I have never made before on this site:

I can’t wait to try it and to post the results tomorrow!

Don’t forget I really want to hear from you and try your recipe.  Please, anyone who reads this, pass this blog to your friends.