Parker House Rolls

Yesterday I made Bobby Flay’s Parker House Rolls.  The recipe was here:

It was very easy to make, although it needed almost a cup more of flour.  The dough was very sticky until after the first rising.  This was one of the best doughs though.  It was very soft.  The instructions said to make into any shape you wanted.  He used small rolls.  I decided to use larger rolls.  I wish I had kept to the smaller ones.  Why? They took longer to cook, plus were really big.  They were still delicious.  This is a great recipe and I look forward to making it again.  Maybe Christmas.  I warmed them in the microwave the next morning, slathered on butter and added cherry preserves.  They were fantastic!  Definitely worth making.  My husband loved them also, and he isn’t much of a bread eater.IMG_1141 IMG_1143

I still haven’t had anyone give me a recipe to try 😦   I am going to make crack candy next.  It has some other names also.  I will give you a review on that tomorrow.

Please share my blog with others if you like it AND I really am looking forward to someone giving me a recipe to make and review.


My First Review

Last night I made a recipe for brussel sprouts.  I found the recipe here:

Pros:  Easy, quick, good instructions, had the ingredients

Cons: Needed more seasonings, perhaps bacon would have been awesome

This was a very easy to make dish.  I followed Andres instructions completely.  I did think it took a couple of extra minutes to get that brown carmelization on the sprouts. IMG_1132 IMG_1133 IMG_1135 My husband and I both like brussels sprouts and we did both like this recipe.  My husband gave it two stars out of four, I gave it three.  He said it was nothing special, but OK.  I thought it was good, but not outstanding.  We both thought it needed more flavor.   Suggestions:  Stir fry in flavored olive oil, add more seasonings to the sprouts themselves or to the vinegar, add bacon crumbles (who doesn’t love bacon), add some cheese such as parmesan.

This was a low carb meal and I really missed the bread.  That is what I would like to make next:  Rolls.  Please send me a great roll recipe to make.  I have been dying to make some since I now have a kitchen-aid mixer with a dough hook.

Like my idea for a blog?  Please share and send me a recipe to try.

I Want to Cook Your Recipe!

I have been cooking for my family since I was 10 years old.  This continues to this day.  My husband and I are retired and empty nesters now.  I have a passion for cooking, but not for making up my own recipes.  I love, love, love trying new recipes, but hate, hate, hate searching endlessly for those recipes.

I can help you by making your creative recipe.  I will follow your directions to make this in my own kitchen.  I will take great pictures of it and provide you with meaningful feedback from the two eaters.  I have a great palate, but my hubby is a rather picky eater. If it is a larger recipe, I will invite others over to enjoy the feast.  I believe insight from others to be invaluable.  And the best news, it won’t cost you anything!

Let me cook for you! Are you ready? contact me so we can begin.

PS:  I don’t have a pressure cooker and I don’t know how to do cooking sous vide style, but am willing to learn.